W150-01 Mixed Flow Inline Duct Fan

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W150-01 Mixed Flow Inline Duct Fan

Model: 150 Mixed Flow Inline Duct Fan
    •         High speed external rotor motor——Japan NMB bearings, life more then 50000 hours, Operating ambient temperature range:-20℃-60℃.
    •         Pressurized fluid power blades——Optimal Airflow Air Pressure, High Efficiency, Low energy consumption, Low noise.
    •         Enhanced base design——The installation base is designed according to the structure and safety requirements of the fan. The design is safe and the installation is more simple.
    •         Unlimited demolition design——Unique buckle design, easy disassembly, tight seal, easy installation and maintenance.
    •         Ip44 Protection class IP44——Double-diameter port,seals ieak-proof protection, class IP44, effective waterproof and dustproof.
    •        Super flame retardant case——Improve the safety factor , more environmentally friendly and safer.

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